A friend of mine from college is doing a fundraiser to adopt a baby, check it out!!

Originally posted on Quartermisses:

Our Scentsy for Adoption fundraiser is turning out to be a big, fat fail.

Just to give you an idea, our very optimistic goal was to get $10,000 in Scentsy sales. That would raise roughly enough to cover our Home Study, adoption classes, and USCIS fees. Currently, we have 1.4% of that.

I’m not really a terribly pushy person (except when it comes to S. He’d tell you that was a huge lie, but let’s be honest here: I am a Jewish wife and mother. Enough said?), and so I feel really awkward shoving this down people’s throats. But, I guess if I want to make this successful, I had better get pushier about it, right?

We had thought this would be a great time to do this particular fundraiser because Scentsy makes such an awesome gift for the holidays. When I learned about Scentsy last year, I was a little skeptical. I loved

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