Mother in law for sale

Yes, I am quite sure this blog, will come back to haunt me when I am famous and everyone all across the world are reading every word I have ever written as if it is sweet nectar from the gods.

But I have had it.

When I am being told that when I was your age I was just quiet and did what I was told, something snaps.


Guess what mommy dearest?

This is not 1950

I drink

I have tattoos and plan to get more

I don’t care what you think

I feel sorry for you

I drink coffee and tea (take that mormon jesus)

I married your daughter and I would do it again everyday

Your cruel words and actions only hurt you

The world does not revolve around you

Yes, I did unfriend you on facebook

I swear because its fun

No I will never let you babysit, so stop asking

I do not like cake

Your special mormon underwear freaks me out

It is not ok to spend 90% of your time talking trash about your children

I am not young enough to think you will one day change, because you will not. And for your sake that makes me very sorry. Your cruelty only keeps loved ones from you. What a lonely life that must be.

But you will not take me down with you. I am going to continue to pretend I do not hear you and go on with my wonderful life. Because guess what, my life is pretty fucking spectacular.